My Philosophy

aching backMy practice is a hands-on and personal one. I do all of the therapies myself and evaluate and communicate with you at the time of treatment about what I find and can predict will happen in your care. The human body is a miracle of interaction and change that occurs when it is stimulated. We all live a world where there is constant change and adaption. Our nervous and energetic system is designed to constantly change and interact with what is occurring around us and influencing how we proceed.

Our nervous system is the medium by which we receive input from the world around us and interact with it. It is programmed to automatically respond so that we do every movement and respond to every challenge without thinking about it. Our every physical action is learned and recorded so that we don’t need to think about what movements to make but only have the intent to do them for them to happen. All of the life sustaining functions occur without conscious thought; breathing, the heart beating, our immune system protecting us from external agents, our chemical interaction with food all occur without need to make them happen.

Spinal ColumnThe interaction of the brain and the body occurs in the spine. It houses the extension of the brain, the spinal cord, and it travels to every part of the body both receiving and sending information to the brain. We have information gathering capability in our senses and response capability in our extremities. This ability travels all over our body and tells if we are being injured, receiving dangerous stimulus, or in are in jeopardy of hurting our physical components. We can see, smell, hear, and feel what is going on in the world around us through the medium of this amazing agent, our nervous system.

Everyone has had some level of error in interacting with the world around us. We have been injured, have learned to act in a way that is dangerous to us, been exposed to agents like chemicals, toxins, or excessive electromagnetic energy. To interact with the nervous system, it is necessary to stimulate it or quiet it to the point that it can change. To heal patterns that have developed to compensate for what we are exposed to we need new information and correction of compensations that developed to help us overcome what we have built to protect ourselves. To do this, we need the help of someone outside of ourselves. Someone needs to see from the outside what is happening and give us the input to help us change.